Scottsdale Artichokes soundly beat No. 3 Snow College of Utah

Scottsdale Artichokes remain undefeated against No. 3 Snow College.


Riley Pendleton

Artichokes defeat the Badgers

Cynthia Tapia, Reporter

The Scottsdale Artichokes upset Snow College 44-28 Saturday, September 22 to remain undefeated 4-0.

Heading into the game— both teams brought perfect records of 3-0—competing for first place in the Western States Football Conference (WSFL).

Artichokes being ranked No. 8 had some leverage with home field advantage, but were not anticipated to dominate the Badgers.

Head Coach, Doug Madoski said the team had a clear mission in sight.

“We never questioned whether we could do it or not, they knew, they believed that we were going to go out there and get the job done and we did,” Madoski said.

“That was the take away from the night for Madoski.

“You start to believe that you can compete at a high level and before you know it…if you want to be a top team in the country the first thing you got to do is beat the top team in the country,” Madoski said.

Freshman Quarterback Kare Lyles, who was also named offensive player of the week had a phenomenal game throwing six touchdowns and remaining number one in the NJCAA for a total of 18 touchdowns.

First quarter started off with the Badgers leading 7-0 due to a turnover from Scottsdale, which was soon rectified with a Scottsdale touchdown from Matthew Caputo for four yards ending the first quarter 7-7.

The start of the second quarter wide receiver Devin Neal had a 20-yard pass from Lyles resulting in a touchdown and the extra point from kicker Alfredo Marquez giving the Artichokes the 14-7 lead.

The game continued with a Snow rally right behind the Artichokes scoring another touchdown for the 14-14 tie.

What almost looked like a repeat, Neal back at it with another touchdown for 6-yard pass from Lyles and Marquez on the extra point kick to close out the second quarter and end the first half 21-14.

Wide receiver Neal gave credit to his teammates when asked what was going on through his mind after that touchdown.

“Defense especially, they helped us out a lot, this game was for them – this is their game, they did a lot, I just had to do my job,” Neal said.

The momentum was strong on both sides and neither team was letting up on defense.

In the second half, the Artichokes put up the necessary separation from the Badgers.

Late in the third quarter wide receiver Jordan Hightower would go on to score another touchdown and in the fourth quarter wide receiver Joshua Daniels scored for the final touchdown of the night to give Scottsdale the win.

Postgame, Madoski rallied his players with encouragement.

“Before we came out here we talked about nobody believing but us, I promise you there’s going to be some people that believe in us.”

Madoski reflected on some expectations he had set and what they meant going forward.

“We came out here and we did exactly what we had to do, but the road doesn’t get easier,” Madoski said.


Riley Pendleton