Artichokes beat rival Glendale, Gauchos 44-17 in final game of regular season

Riley Pendleton/ Northeast Valley News Staff Photographer

Cynthia Tapia, Reporter

Scottsdale Artichokes hosted their last game of the season, and, in what is said to be the final year of the football program for several Maricopa college schools, delivered a victory over Glendale Gauchos 44-17.

Defense dominated the game and with the help of defensive tackle Bryce Fontana picking off an interception to start the game— gave the Artichokes the momentum they needed.

Head Coach Doug Madoski described that moment from the sidelines.

“It was good to see we were in a position to make plays and the guys that work hard are making plays,” Madoski said.

He also addressed the dedication that Fontana possesses off the field.

“That kid works his tail off every single day and it was awesome to see him do it,” Madoski said.

Throughout the game defense displayed their ability to stop the 3rd down conversion and multiple interceptions.

Highlight player defensive end Celestin Haba who would later be recognized as defensive player of the week in the WSFL assisted with nine solo tackles.

The offensewas also pivotal in the win with highlights from running back Alec Wyble –Meza who had over 1,000 yds rushing to end the season.

Special teams player of the week kicker Alfredo Marquez delivered in a big way with 14 points, 5 PATS, and three field goals.

Ending their season with a record of 7-3 for regular season with the hopes to obtain one more win at the Valley of the Sun Bowl Madoski—reminded his team to stay focused.

“We have one more let’s get this eighth one.”

After 13 seasons being head coach Madoski also was later named Co-Coach of the year.

Madoski addressed his team in the post-game huddle one last time in the regular season reminding his players of everything they have overcome.

“When you sit back and look at everything that has happened with us back to signing day this team has faced adversity from jump,” Madoski said.

Madoski recalled his start as head coach, being new to the program, and how tough Glendale was to beat in this conference.

“When I got to Scottsdale, Glendale was the premiere team in this conference certainly.”

“One point I sat there and thought to myself its odd that in the last year with football to be sitting out here with Glendale and end this game,”Madoski said.

Madoski wished his athletes a final farewell.

“At the end of the day what do we want to do we want to win we want to end this thing on a high note and give these guys the opportunity to go out and be successful” Madoski said.

The Artichokes go on to host the last post season game at the Valley of The Sun Bowl on Dec. 1 when they take on Blinn College.